“I Will Leave For Him To Play: Buffalo Bills top star confirm he wants to leave Bills

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Gabriel Davis has hinted at leaving the team in free agency through a farewell video to the City of Buffalo. Despite not being among the top-tier wide receivers in free agency, Davis has proven to be a reliable asset in the passing game since his selection in the 2020 NFL Draft. With the Bills facing significant salary cap constraints, Davis’s departure seems likely, allowing him to explore free agency.

In the video, Davis expressed gratitude to the City of Buffalo and showcased his professional accomplishments. The Bills, grappling with a substantial salary cap deficit of approximately $54.2 million, may have communicated their inability to re-sign Davis due to financial constraints.


Several teams are considered potential landing spots for Gabriel Davis in free agency:

1. **Kansas City Chiefs:** The Chiefs, aiming for a three-peat, could benefit from Davis as a reliable red zone threat on the outside, complementing their existing offensive weapons.

2. **Dallas Cowboys:** With CeeDee Lamb as their primary wide receiver, the Cowboys seek a complementary starter, making Davis a potential wise investment for a deep playoff run in 2024.

3. **Baltimore Ravens:** The Ravens, in need of an outside threat in the red zone, could find Davis a suitable signing to enhance their already potent offense.

4. **Arizona Cardinals:** Despite a subpar record, the Cardinals are close to a Wild Card appearance and lack a replacement for DeAndre Hopkins. Davis’s larger frame and playing style could fill this role in free agency.

5. **Carolina Panthers:** The Panthers, looking to support quarterback Bryce Young, could benefit from Davis as a building block, providing a reliable target in contested situations and boosting their red zone offense.

While Davis may not be a leading figure in a passing attack, his skills and attributes make him an attractive option for teams seeking a valuable and complementary receiving threat in the upcoming free agency period.

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