Breaking News: Houston Texans Confirm As landing Spot For Top Experienced Raven Star

Texans Are Said to Provide $81 Million to Ravens’ All-Pro Breakout
Regrettably, the Baltimore Ravens defense was regarded as among the finest in the NFL during the 2023 campaign, which also happens to be the season when some of their star defenders become free agents. DT Justin Madubuike, who had a spectacular year in his contract year, is one of the breakout players.

Madubuike is expected to be among the market’s most sought-after free agents. Based on cap space and team needs, Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine created a mock free agency draft in which he predicted the Houston Texans would be the team to steal the standout DT.

Signing Justin Madubuike in this round would give [DeMeco] Ryans his Armstead in Houston, according to Ballentine’s writing. Although the 6’3′′, 305-pound defender isn’t exactly like Armstead, he can apply pressure on the inside just as well.

“With DeMeco Ryans leading the team, the Texans’ 2023 draft class has turned them from an also-ran that was constantly switching head coaches into a really scary rising team,” Ballentine said.

Ballentine estimates that the DT will sign a “4-year, $81 million” contract. Given that Madubuike is just 26 years old and has just entered his prime, it would seem sense to sign him to a contract worth $81 million.



For the first time in his career, the DT was selected to both the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro Second Team. With 13.0 sacks, 56 total tackles, and 33 quarterback hits, Madubuike set career highs.

The Texans’ Defense Would Change Under Justin Madubuike
This season, Madubuike demonstrated his ability to be a disruptive force on the defensive end and proved why he is a game changer at his position.

“The Texans have a young, talented core,” Ballentine noted. With C.J. Stroud leading the team, they qualified for the playoffs this season, but Ryan also made significant improvements to the defense.

The Texans’ defense is ranked 14th in yards allowed and 11th in points allowed by Pro Football Reference. A player like Madubuike might elevate them to the status of a Top-10 defense.

The Texans would have a potent pass rush if they re-signed Jonathan Greenard, who had 12.5 sacks this season, and combined his skills with those of Will Anderson Jr. Ballentine wrote.

The Texans will try to bounce back from their divisional round defeat to the Ravens earlier in the season. In the wildcard round, they trounced the Cleveland Browns, but against the Ravens, their defense let them down in the second half.

“The Texans attempt to make the transition from upstart feel-good story to legitimate playoff contenders against the likes of the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Kansas City Chiefs,” wrote Ballentine.

The powerful offenses of all three of those teams must be at least slowed down if you hope to advance to become an AFC contender.

According to Ballentine, “taking Madubuike away from the latter would certainly give Houston a huge boost in the right direction.”

The Ravens might prevent Justin Madubuike from becoming a free agent.

Madubuike will not be let to leave without a fight from the Ravens. They have dedicated a significant amount of attention to the DT’s development since drafting him in the third round of the 2020 draft.

With 13.0 sacks in 2023, he has 4.5 more than he did in his first three years combined. Madubuike has increased his playing time, stats, and all-around skill every season.

The Ravens could not afford to let him go after he performed to the best of his abilities. Madubuike took a risk by betting on himself, and it has paid off for him. Prior to the season, Baltimore attempted to sign him.

According to Spotrac, the DT will be worth $81 million over four years, but if they are unable to reach a deal, it looks like the Ravens will franchise tag Madubuike. The cost of the defensive lineman position would be $22 million if they decide to take that course.

If the defense and the Ravens are unable to come to an agreement on a contract, he will become a free agent on Tuesday, March 5. In addition to the financial consequences of tagging Madubuike, there’s a possibility that it would sour the player-team connection.

Up to a certain point, Madubuike and the Ravens could still agree on a long-term deal; but, if they can’t, they run the possibility of losing their top defense.

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