“I will Be Happy To Be At Bills” Buffalo Bills Top NFL WR Name Buffalo Bills As His Prefered Trade Destination

Bills Have a Passion for Patriots WR: Report
Nothing seems to be more craved in Western New York than a new starting receiver and the Buffalo Bills. Following the departure of boundary receiver Gabe Davis and the Scouting Combine, Buffalo will have a new addition to start with Stefon Diggs and, most likely, Khalil Shakir. Even harder to predict is who Josh Allen will use as his next weapon. What if Buffalo chooses to go back and look at a target that caught its attention years ago?

Buffalo may be keeping an eye on New England Patriots wide receiver Kendrick Bourne, according to the Boston Herald. The Bills had previously monitored him, and should he enter the free agent market, he could command a starting position with a rival team. “History suggests the Pats could lose Bourne to a division rival if they decide not to re-sign him,” Andrew Callahan wrote, citing a source with knowledge of the wide receiver market. During the past 18 months, the Jets were one of the teams that expressed interest in Bourne.

The Bills and Texans expressed interest in signing Bourne as a free agency in 2021 before he signed with the Patriots, according to a source. During his stint with New England, Bourne exceeded the terms of his rookie contract, demonstrating a kind of late ascent. Bourne is back on the verge of free agency after spending three years with the Patriots, where he finished with 127 receptions for 1,640 yards and 10 touchdowns. On this occasion, though, he is recovering from an ACL tear sustained mid-season. Bourne, who is 29 years old, is coming off of what was perhaps his best half-season ever. In just eight games, Bourne recorded 406 yards and four touchdowns, demonstrating his ability to play from the starting position. But the Bills might be inclined to go elsewhere this time. Not that it’s a dig at Bourne. He provides a lot of value to offenses as a slot target or Z-receiver, especially the ability to make plays after the catch (or handoff). However, Shakir made a similar appearance in Buffalo in 2023.

Shakir is expected to be involved in this team’s future endeavors. Bourne’s signing would either demote Shakir—an unneeded upgrade—or create a receiving corps that is too inexperienced to be trusted. For better or worse, Davis was a large man who was relied upon in the downfield.

Anticipate that the Bills will look to replace Davis with an archetype akin to a vertical field stretcher. Rather, Bourne’s influence is felt nearer the line of scrimmage. Buffalo will add a starting receiver this offseason, even though it’s unlikely to happen in the first round (though the Combine undoubtedly improved those odds). Anticipate a physically larger acquisition than Bourne.

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