Breaking News: A Five Star Offensive Tackle Name Florida State Seminoles As His Preferred Destination

FSU football is included in the Blue-Chip Offensive Tackle’s list of top schools.
Almost two years ago, the Seminoles became the first program to offer the highly anticipated prospect.
As spring approaches, recruiting efforts around the nation are stepping up. The 2025 class’s rising seniors are accepting new offers, whittening down their lists of top universities, setting up formal trips, and organizing commitment dates.

At least six Florida State offensive linemen who are entering their final year as scholarship players will be working the high school levels hard in an effort to acquire talent up front. Ziyare Addison, a four-star offensive tackle, is one of the best possibilities available to the Seminoles.
In less than a year, Addison went from being an unranked recruit to a blue-chip talent, and he has been on the rise recently. Numerous prestigious universities throughout the country have already offered him scholarships.

Addison declared earlier this week that he would only be recruiting 12 schools. From here on out, he intends to concentrate on Florida State, Florida, Miami, Georgia, Oregon, Colorado, Penn State, Oklahoma, Tennessee, UCLA, Nebraska, and Stanford.

For a Sumner High School team that made it to the postseason the previous season, the native of Florida started at left tackle. He was a defensive player as well as a rusher. In addition to wrestling at the prep level, Addison runs track.

Addison has been forming a bond with offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Alex Atkins and head coach Mike Norvell after accepting an offer from Florida State in the summer of 2022.

It’s been excellent. It has been expanding,” Addison previously told NoleGameday. “Every time I visit this place, I feel like I’m becoming closer to the instructors. I adore this place and the culture it’s developing. I genuinely adore the program’s ethos; it’s family-oriented and exactly what I’m searching for.”

Over the past two years, Addison has made at least seven trips to Tallahassee, where she saw the Seminoles defeat Miami in November. More than any other program involving him, he has witnessed the Seminoles, and that could ultimately make a difference.

“They’re always going to have a special place in my heart because they’re really the first ones to open up my recruiting process,” Addison stated.

According to 247Sports, the 6-foot-4.5, 280-pound offensive lineman is ranked as the No. 132 overall talent, the No. 14 offensive tackle, and the No. 16 recruit in the 2025 class.

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