Carlos Alcaraz Confirm Rafael Nadal Wants To Leave And Explain What He Told Him

Carlos Alcaraz discusses what he has “learned” from the rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
Carlos Alcaraz expressed his expectation for “a long and beautiful future ahead” and compared himself and Jannik Sinner to the rivalry between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Following his successful defense of the Indian Wells championship last week, Alcaraz is attempting to become only the eighth man to accomplish the sunshine double.

In the most recent round of their long-running rivalry, Alcaraz put an end to Sinner’s 19-match winning streak during this run to the Indian Wells title.

The world No. 2 has also shared his insights on their 40-match rivalry between Rafael Nadal and Philippe Federer.

This rivalry has taught me that you can never give up, fall behind, or settle. Alcaraz clarified, “You have to always enhance your game and get better. “You can always give a little bit more, even if you believe that you are at your peak and cannot give any more.”

“That’s what they have demonstrated for so many years that they have been up there,” he said. Each time one of them fell short against the other, they made an effort to improve for the next match. Furthermore, they have been doing it for a very long time, which is amazing and deserving of praise.

Both Alcaraz and Sinner must finish as the top two seeds in the Miami Open final if they hope to carry on their rivalry this week.

The Spaniard made hints that Sinner and him might develop into the ATP Tour’s next major rivalry. According to how people are currently viewing it, Jannik might be involved. I hope the future is bright and lengthy for both Jannik and me. In this manner, I aim to give it my all and keep developing because of him as I observe his level.

Later today, Alcaraz will play former top-10 player Gael Monfils in the Miami Open fourth round, with the goal of joining Sinner.

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