Breaking News: Browns GM Confirm Extension for 5-Time Pro Bowler’s Contract This Off-Season

STORY: Cleveland Browns General Manager Says Contract Extension for Five-Time Pro Bowler Is Coming This Off-Season
Jerry Jeudy was acquired by the Cleveland Browns from the Denver Broncos as part of their season-long efforts to strengthen their wide receiver group. In return for Jeudy, Cleveland received picks in the fifth and sixth rounds. Jeudy’s contract was then extended through the 2027 season, meaning he would receive $41 million total over the following four years.

Deshaun Watson will have a wide range of alternatives to choose from next season, including David Njoku, Elijah Moore, and Amari Cooper, thanks to the arrival of Jeudy. Cleveland intends to extend the contracts of other wide receivers in addition to this one.
GM of the Cleveland Browns wants to extend Amari Cooper in a “proactive” manner.
Talks about extending Amari Cooper’s deal have reportedly resumed with the Browns’ general manager Andrew Berry since wide receivers are becoming more and more valuable each season. In 2024, Cooper will begin the last year of his deal.


“The top of the market will probably be north of $30 million by Week 1 of the NFL season,” Berry said. Therefore, we want to be proactive when thinking about the contract management arena rather than being reactive to changing market dynamics. Perhaps more crucially, we consider the market conditions on September 1st rather than March 1st when considering an extension or signing.

Berry also recognized Cooper’s value as a voice in the locker room and as a contributor to the offense’s output. Based on his remarks during the annual NFL owner’s meetings this year, it appears that Cooper plans to remain in Cleveland long after the current season ends.
Cooper Set a Career High for Receiving Yards During the Browns’ Previous Season.

Cooper set numerous career highs in yards and average yards per reception during his 2023 campaign. His average catch length was 17.4 yards, and he hauled in 72 passes for 1,250 yards and five touchdowns. His season-long total of receiving yards broke into the top 10 among his contemporaries.
Cooper demonstrated that he is still at the top of his game and has not slowed down in his tenth NFL season. Deshaun Watson’s current $23.77 million cap cost would probably decrease if the deal were extended long-term, in addition to providing him with an outside threat for the future.


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