Breaking News: Houston Texans Confirm To Reach Agreement With Another Star Player

Linebacker Neville Hewitt will rejoin the Texans on a one-year contract.
According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Houston Texans and their star linebacker Neville Hewitt have agreed to a one-year contract, which will see Hewitt play in the upcoming NFL season.

After spending 2015–2017 as a player with the Miami Dolphins, Hewitt moved on to play for the New York Jets from 2018–2020. The linebacker left the Green team in 2021 and has been a member of the Houston Texans ever since.
“Texans and free-agent linebacker Neville Hewitt, who led the NFL in special teams tackles last season, reached agreement on a one-year deal to return to Houston, per source,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter wrote in one of his postings.

Hewitt was described as “kind of a tone setter” by special teams coach Frank Ross, who previously noted via Click2Houston: “I think three special teamers ran the fastest in that game.” At 20.7 and 20.8 mph, our two gunners ran. Neville Hewitt ran a 20.1, I think. That guy hummed, and do you know who Neville Hewitt is? He is a formidable opponent when he gets going, and you don’t want to get in front of him while he is sprinting 20 mph. Man, he’s so proud of where he’s at, and nobody sells out harder.

Throughout his 129 career games, he has recorded 440 tackles, 19 quarterback hits, and 7.5 sacks. He had a team-high 14 tackles in 2023. With his previous three teams, he participated in 129 games.

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