Breaking News: Las Vegas Raiders Confirm The QB They Will Sign In NFL Draft

Possible Major Plans for Draft Were Leaked by Raiders: Report
At the next 2024 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders might be a team to keep an eye on. The squad is in need of a quarterback, but they will probably miss out on the best prospects if they select at No. 13.

They could still be able to trade up, though. The Raiders are attempting to make that happen, according to ESPN’s Dan Graziano.


“The Minnesota Vikings and the Las Vegas Raiders are the two that you hear the most strongly,” Graziano stated during the ESPN “Sportscenter” broadcast on March 28. For both of those teams, those would be significant leaps, and a lot would depend on what transpires at the very top of the draft. What does Washington do if we presume Caleb Williams signs with the Bears first? Should Washington select Jayden Daniels, the Vikings or Raiders may find it less incentive to advance if Daniels is their preferred option over Drake Maye.


Jayden Daniels is a quarterback at Arizona State who was recruited by head coach Antonio Pierce, therefore if the Raiders were to trade up, Daniels would probably be their goal. The issue that Las Vegas has is that every team that selects in the top three needs a quarterback and might not be open to making a trade down. Furthermore, the Raiders lack the Vikings’ extra first-round pick this year, which they recently added and seem to be in the race for a deal.

Antonio Pierce Willingness to Use Force
The Raiders may choose to hold their position at No. 13 and select the best quarterback available. That would, however, imply that they might select the fifth or sixth-best prospect. Antonio Pierce is not the kind to wait around and see what comes his way, but he is making an effort to be as rational as he can.

“At the beginning, I’m always going to be like, ‘I want to finish it now,'” Pierce stated when speaking with the media on March 25. “I’ve always said that you’re racing against time when you’re in this situation. Right now, you want to prevail. You recognize that it’s a process even though you want to put the best together right now.

In the NFL, quarterback is the most crucial position, and the Raiders have a lot of questions at this position. Although they are both capable quarterbacks, Aidan O’Connell and Gardner Minshew haven’t demonstrated that they can carry a team to victory. At some point, the Raiders will have to improve the position.

The Las Vegas Raiders are Examining Every Choice
Trading up into the top three picks in the draft will probably come at a high cost. In any case, Antonio Pierce and the Raiders aren’t ruling anything out.

Regarding the notion of trading up in the draft, Pierce remarked, “I think everything’s on the table.”

The Raiders seem to be approaching the offseason with a win-now mentality. With two wins in 2024, the squad, which finished 8-9 the previous season, should be in the running for the playoffs. Even if the quarterback is a rookie, adding a star would help the team qualify for the postseason. Pierce is aware of how crucial it is for a team to have a great quarterback in order to win a Super Bowl, so the team will probably look for quick fixes until they find a long-term one.

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