Latest Orleans News: New Orleans Saints Confirm 3 Players To Put On Trade Block During The 2024 NFL Draft

Three players that the Saints might deal during the 2024 NFL Draft
These three players might be traded for the New Orleans Saints on draft night as the NFL Draft draws near and teams try to make moves.

In recent years, the New Orleans Saints have not shied away from making significant selections at the NFL Draft. They’ve demonstrated a readiness to switch players in order to advance picks. To advance to the sixth round in 2023, New Orleans traded tight end Adam Trautman. This year, they might pull off a similar maneuver. These three players are possible trade targets for the Saints in the NFL Draft.

1.Marshon Lattimore, CB
There have been rumors of a deal involving Marshon Lattimore for some time now. Lattimore would feel the immediate impact of a trade. The Saints would need two things in order for this deal to go through. The salary would first have to be at a level that the Saints find acceptable. Marshon Lattimore doesn’t need to be traded since there isn’t enough friction for him to beg for a trade or feel like he needs to go. If the Saints choose to trade him, they can now take their time coming up with a deal.

The Saints’ confidence level with their depth behind Lattimore would be their second requirement. Alontae Taylor and Paulson Adebo are both excellent players. If Lattimore is dealt, you can bet that these two cornerbacks will be your starting lineup. The Saints would need to be content with the skill they now have or the talent they could uncover in the draft or free agency in light of Isaac Yiadom’s departure.

The former All-Pro cornerback Marshon Lattimore may be traded during the NFL Draft, according to a persistent rumor. The Saints secondary would be harmed by the loss of Marshon Lattimore, but we’ll have to wait and see if anything materializes. But, it might be a possibility for the Saints if they receive competitive pay and are satisfied with the talent they could acquire.

2. Jamaal Williams, an RB
Jamaal Williams is another guy who might be traded during the NFL Draft. Williams made a big splash in the NFL after the 2022 campaign. He rushed for 1,066 yards and 17 touchdowns in that season. Following this amazing season, Williams committed to a deal with New Orleans. In 106 carries, he managed just 306 yards and one touchdown last year. Williams is still very talented, but it’s unknown how long he will stay in New Orleans.

Jamaal Williams will have an effect if he decides to remain in New Orleans. All that matters is whether the Saints believe they can acquire a draft selection or more from him. The offense will use a zone running strategy under the direction of new offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak. Williams might be successful in this system, but Kendre Miller and Alvin Kamara’s abilities are far more valued. It might be difficult for him to find the kind of workload he wants because both of those players are rising up above him.


The Saints will need to make another investment at halfback if they decide to trade for Williams. The NFL Draft is full of candidates who could step in and take over. This is a possibility; the question is how much the Saints will value Jamaal Williams in the upcoming campaign.

1. The defensive end Tanoh Kpassagnon
Though not as well-known in the NFL as the first two guys mentioned, Tanoh Kpassagnon is nonetheless a talent the Saints might cut loose. The Saints presently have a reasonably full defensive end room, but they may still be looking to add another player at that position. Players with more potential to play above Kpassagnon include Chase Young, Cameron Jordan, Isaiah Foskey, Carl Granderson, and Payton Turner. The Saints might send Kpassagnon off to try to advance if they feel comfortable with the space.

Tanoh Kpassagnon finished the 2023 season with a total of 3.5 sacks. For him, this was not a poor season. Kpassagnon played with the Kansas City Chiefs prior to joining the Saints three years ago. Tanoh Kpassagnon doesn’t bring many surprises to teams; they know what to expect from him. When given the chance, he is reliable and performs his work effectively. When a team realizes that, they might be inclined to trade for him in order to acquire an edge rusher.

It wouldn’t be unfeasible to trade for Tanoh Kpassagnon at the NFL Draft. Kpassagnon may be moving if the Saints so choose and are satisfied with the progress of players at the position.

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