Arizona Cardinals Confirm In Final Stage Discussion To Sign Experienced Texas Longhorn Star After Meeting With Him

Breaking: Record-Holding NFL Draft Prospect to Meet With Arizona Cardinals
This afternoon, the Arizona Cardinals will have a meeting with a prominent NFL Draft prospect.

In the NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals are slated to select fourth overall. The club has a few requirements that need to be met, despite the fact that there is a lot of conjecture over what they will do with that pick. Wide receiver is one of those requirements. According to a report, the Cardinals are currently meeting with an unexpected candidate.

Ariz. Cardinals vs. Texans Longhorns Wide Receiver Xavier Worthy

Xavier Worthy and the Arizona Cardinals are meeting this afternoon, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. He is a Texas Longhorns wide receiver who contributed to the team’s postseason success the previous year. He does, however, have one noteworthy quality that makes him stand out.
Record of NFL Scouting Combine.


Worthy participated at the NFL Scouting Combine a little more than one month prior. There, he gave a performance that completely stunned the scouts. Worthy’s record-breaking 40-yard sprint time (4.21 seconds) at the Combine is the most noteworthy.

Situation and Needs for the Arizona Cardinals Draft

It’s an intriguing time for the Cardinals in regards to Worthy and the NFL Draft. If Arizona chose him with the fourth overall choice in the draft, that would surprise a lot of people. The Cardinals do have two other respectable choices, though.
This is due to the fact that they have the Houston Texans’ 27th overall pick in the first round and the 35th overall pick in the second. As it stands, if Worthy is the wide receiver the Cardinals plan to choose, they will probably have to use one of those picks to select him.

Arguably, the position that needs the most attention from the Cardinals is wide receiver. For this reason, if Marvin Harrison Jr. dropped to Arizona, they would probably choose him with the fourth overall pick. Worthy is probably a backup plan in the event that Harrison is not selected by one of the first three teams in the draft.

Additional Gatherings
Worthy supposedly had a meeting with the Chicago Bears yesterday. The Bears may choose a wide receiver with their ninth overall pick in order to assist their prospective rookie quarterback, even though they are probably planning to draft quarterback Caleb Williams with the first pick. We’ll have to wait and see if Worthy gains anything from either of these meetings.



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