Latest News: columnist explains reason why Yankees will avoid Juan Soto issues from San Diego

An athletic columnist explains why the Yankees will not deal with Juan Soto’s San Diego troubles.
Even though he hasn’t yet played a home game, superstar Juan Soto of the New York Yankees, who was just acquired, already seems to be changing the team’s culture.

Nonetheless, his San Diego reputation, which accompanied him to the spotlight in New York City, suggested underlying problems that were fuelled by strife in clubhouses behind the scenes. Who was the guilty party? Who was the enemy? Did Soto become troublesome or withdraw when things got hard? What precisely was unsettling him, as well as the other players on the underwhelming 26-man roster?

This week, Britt Ghiroli of The Athletic wrote an in-depth analysis of what precisely makes Soto tick—a particularly relevant look given that he was named American League Player of the Week following his first series in pinstripes. The Yankees have found inspiration in Soto, who is a patient and formidable player.

So why didn’t San Diego experience that? And why won’t things go south in New York, or with any team that decides to give him another $500+ million? Ghiroli thinks it was more a matter of comfort than motivation—something the Yankees have already covered.


The reasons behind Juan Soto of the Yankees choosing to stay in the Bronx as a leader

Ghiroli wanted to make it clear in an interview with Foul Territory that Soto is driven more by victory than by personal recognition. If there was a losing mindset in San Diego’s clubhouse, it didn’t come from Soto; rather, it irked him.

Ghiroli angrily said, “This guy cared more about winning than arguably anyone on that Padres team… but he is a guy who has trust issues.”

But in terms of providing solace, the Yankees handled Soto in ways that most fans were probably unaware of on the back end. An unnoticed addition in January, assistant hitting coach Pat Roessler, may hold the key to preserving the partnership.

“I believe Pat Roessler, who has had Soto in the past when Soto has been successful, means that New York need not be concerned about it. Who has worked with Kevin Long, who is a very close friend of Juan Soto and was his only hitting coach for years and years, as I explain in that tale,” Ghiroli went on.

Maintaining that connective tissue would be wise for the Yankees if communicating with Long’s camp is crucial. In the event that a bidding war for Soto occurs this winter, it’s important to keep in mind that Long has moved to Philadelphia from the Mets.
Though the Yankees have made plenty of excuses here, they appear intent on making Soto’s one-year stint in the Bronx as enjoyable as possible in order to pave the way for a long-term agreement. Don’t underestimate a Phillies splash, too.

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