Breaking News: Bills Confirm In Final Stage To Replace Stefon Diggs With All-Pro WR In Blockbuster Trade Proposal

In a blockbuster trade proposal, the Buffalo Bills trade Stefon Diggs for an All-Pro wide receiver.
With Josh Allen, one of the best pass catchers in the NFL for the past several seasons, Stefon Diggs and the Buffalo Bills have called it quits.

Last week, the Houston Texans made a major splash by dealing a package that includes Diiggs’ second-round pick. Diggs’ contract was cut by Houston for the final three years, making him a free agent following the season, which adds to the intrigue.
Given that Diggs concluded his time with the Buffalo Bills with the longest streak of his NFL career—13 games with fewer than 100 receiving yards (including playoffs—it might prove to be a steep price tag for a one-year rental.

Thus, the query is: Which Diggs will the Texans be receiving? The guy who, during his four seasons in Buffalo, topped the NFL in catches and opened 2023 with five or six games with 100 receiving yards? Or the one who, as the season went on, appeared to be a shell of the person he once was?
How did Diggs’ output drop off a precipice like that? There are several reasons that could apply. He might be nearing the end of his career. In November of last year, he reached thirty years old, when most elite wide receivers experience a decline in their output.

It might have been a wound. Although Diggs didn’t miss any games in the previous season, before his performance really declined in Week 10, he was listed as out with a back injury. It may possibly be related to his tense relationship with the Buffalo Bills.

The most plausible explanation, however, is that Joe Brady’s elevation to offensive coordinator following Ken Dorsey’s dismissal. After Brady took over as the offensive coordinator in Week 11, which included the final nine games of the regular season and the playoffs, Diggs’ output was halved.

With Brady (minimum of 25 targets), Diggs had the lowest average yards per reception (8.8) of any wide receiver in the league.

Nor was he the center of attention for the offense as he had been in previous years. His snap rate fell from 87% to 77%, meaning he spent less time on the field. Diggs’ target share decreased from 31% to 27% as the Buffalo Bills passed less often (dropback rate reduced from 63% to 53%) and particularly in crucial circumstances where you would expect your best receiver to catch the ball.
No matter how Diggs performs in Houston, the Bills are now in dire need of a potent wide receiver. Now that Diggs and Gabe Davis are no longer around, Josh Allen’s success has been largely attributed to having a genuine No. 1 superstar who can dominate a game.

The 49ers and the Buffalo Bills are proposing a blockbuster trade for Brandon Aiyuk.
The 49ers’ standout wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk was given a few trade choices by Bleacher Report, and the Bills were the team that came in first.
Buffalo would have to forfeit their first-round pick this year if they were to make the move, unless they intended to choose a wide receiver who was superior to the 49ers star.

Brandon Aiyuk, WR, to the Buffalo Bills

2024 Round 1 Pick (No. 28) and 2025 Round 4 Pick go to the 49ers.

In Western New York, the off-season has been rough. The Bills said goodbye to a number of seasoned players, including wide receiver Gabe Davis, primarily due to a shortage of cap space. There was a lot of conjecture that Stefon Diggs, another wide receiver, is dissatisfied and wishes to leave New York.

During his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Brandon Beane, the general manager of the Bills, attempted to refute the idea that Diggs is on the decline.


Beane stated, “No one called on Diggs.” “I believe that everyone is aware that he is ours, and even in the event of a problem, we wouldn’t (do that). He has never requested to be traded. That was never mentioned. I get along really well with Adisa Bakari, his agent. Thus, it was never really a problem. It was really a matter of us sitting together and discussing how the previous season concluded in order to come to an agreement.

Naturally, after the Buffalo Bills dealt Diggs to the Houston Texans last Wednesday, those remarks seem a little hollow. The Bills are currently in severe need of a top wide receiver to complement Josh Allen.

It would be difficult to extend Brandon Aiyuk’s contract with Buffalo’s meager $7.7 million in cap space. Additionally, it might be difficult to convince Santa Clara to trade Aiyuk to another Super Bowl contender.

Nevertheless, getting a first-round pick for Aiyuk is preferable than San Francisco receiving a late third-round pick in 2026 if he were to leave in free agency in a year.

The pain of losing Diggs would be considerably lessened by bringing in Aiyuk. Additionally, it benefits the Buffalo Bills in the near run rather than attempting to quickly develop a rookie.

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