Breaking News: Ravens In Talk To Trade Another WR

Rashod Bateman, a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, could be dealt before or during the 2024 NFL Draft.
One of the former first-round draft selections by the Baltimore Ravens may be leaving.

If his fifth-year option is exercised, Bateman, 24, could become a free agent as early as next year. As a previous first-round pick, he has underwhelmed, but his career has also been marred by injuries. In his first season, he missed five games; in his second, he missed eleven.

With the exception of one game, Bateman’s 2023 campaign was the healthiest of his career. But all he could muster was 367 yards and two touchdowns (one on the ground, one through reception). The addition of Zay Flowers to the offense lessened Bateman’s role, so it’s hardly shocking that he’s available for trade.

The Ravens would have more motivation to trade Bateman if they selected a different receiver in the mock selection, such as Brian Thomas Jr. of LSU, who we also selected.

As a young receiver still on his rookie contract, Bateman has a ton of potential, so the Ravens should seize the opportunity to acquire some value from him before he becomes a free agent in a year.




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