Done Deal: Just In Cleveland Browns Confirm The Signing Of Top Experienced RB

Analysis of Cleveland Browns’ Acquisition of Running Back Nyheim Hines
The Cleveland Browns made a strategic move by signing running back Nyheim Hines, aiming to enhance depth and add a receiving threat to their backfield rotation. Let’s delve into Hines’ background, contract details, athleticism, and performance throughout his NFL career.

Hines, a former North Carolina State Wolfpack standout, showcased his talents in college, rushing for 1,112 yards and contributing significantly to his team’s success. Additionally, he displayed his speed and agility as a member of NC State’s track team, garnering notable achievements in sprinting events.


At the Scouting Combine, Hines demonstrated impressive athleticism, particularly in speed-related drills, despite being below average in certain physical dimensions. His performance earned him a respectable Relative Athletic Score (RAS) of 5.7, reflecting his explosiveness and speed relative to historical standards for his position.

The Browns secured Hines with a one-year deal potentially worth up to $3.5 million, with incentives likely included. While this places him around the 20th spot in terms of average annual salary for his position, the guaranteed portion of the contract holds more significance.

Rushing Production:
Throughout his five-year NFL career, Hines has amassed 1,300 rushing yards, averaging 4.1 yards per attempt, and contributed three touchdowns. His ability to generate explosive runs, with an 11.7 percent rate, adds a dynamic element to the Browns’ offense.

Receiving Production:
Hines’ value as a receiving threat is evident from his advanced statistics. In both the 2020 and 2021 seasons, he ranked among the top performers in receiving categories, showcasing reliable hands, route-running proficiency, and yards after the catch ability. His utilization in screen and flat routes aligns with the offensive schemes employed by the Browns’ coaching staff.

Browns’ Running Back Needs:
With uncertainty surrounding Nick Chubb’s availability following injury concerns, the Browns sought to bolster their running back corps. While Jerome Ford assumed starting duties in Chubb’s absence, Hines adds depth and versatility to the position, particularly with his prowess as a receiving option.

The signing of Nyheim Hines underscores the Browns’ commitment to fortifying their backfield and maximizing offensive versatility. While his rushing skills may not be elite, his proficiency as a receiver adds a valuable dimension to the team’s offensive arsenal, potentially making him a key contributor in the upcoming season.

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