Goods News:Georgia Confirm The Signing Of Another Defensive Star

Transfer to Appalachian State Mike White will be Justin Abson’s coach at Georgia, where he has committed.
Transfer to Appalachian State Georgia has received Justin Abson’s commitment, according to 247Sports.

Abson, a 6-foot-9, 235-pound big man from West Palm Beach, Florida, won the Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Year award the previous season after averaging 71.9 percent shooting from the field, 7.9 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 2.8 blocks per game.

He was the first NCAA Division I player to record at least six blocks five separate times during the regular season, and he also ranked third nationally in blocks per game.

After visiting the campus earlier this month, Abson decided on Georgia. During his time in the portal, Abson gave serious consideration to Michigan and Xavier in addition to the Bulldogs.

Mike White added Abson as his second portal addition this summer. He is one of the transfers joining DeShayne Montgomery on Georgia’s roster for the next campaign.

Abson will still be eligible for two years after arriving in Athens.

The transfer gateway is scheduled to be available until Wednesday, May 1st, having opened on March 18th.

A player may request a transfer at any point during that time by submitting the necessary papers to their present institution. The player then has 48 hours to enter the information into the NCAA Portal database.

Players who have accrued enough credits to graduate may access the portal at any moment, identified as a “Grad Transfer,” before the window opens on March 18 and after it ends on May 1.

Players on that team are also granted a 30-day opportunity to access the portal in conjunction with any coaching change, such as a head coach being sacked or taking a new position. This window is not limited to the period between March 18 and May 1.

Other schools are allowed to get in touch with the player and start the recruitment process once the player has formally registered on the portal.

This off-season, a new regulation was also implemented that will significantly impact the transfer market.

Players were allowed a one-time transfer waiver in the past, and the NCAA required a waiver to be issued in order for them to become immediately eligible again if they transferred again.

According to a recent directive from the NCAA, transfers this spring should be eligible for the 2024–25 season right away.

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