Latest SEC News: Jayden Daniels sends a clear message to the Raiders ahead of NFL Draft

Before the NFL Draft, Jayden Daniels gives the Raiders a very clear message.

Is Vegas ready to pull off a big quarterback trade?Prior to this weekend’s NFL Draft, the Raiders weren’t viewed as much of a threat to make a significant quarterback acquisition. Being 13 years old, it’s generally believed that they are a bit too young to trade up for one of the top quarterback prospects in this year’s class. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem like the right decision to provide Gardner Minshew a two-year, $25 million contract when you’re also planning to wager heavily on a Top-3 quarterback.

But what if I told you that one of those quarterbacks reportedly wants to join the Raiders? That would undoubtedly add some intrigue to Thursday night, wouldn’t it? LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, who is predicted to be second overall, has made it known that he wants to play Las Vegas, according to NFL Insider Dianni Russini of The Athletic.

Before the NFL Draft, Jayden Daniels gives the Raiders a very clear message.
To be honest, it makes perfect sense. Players have complimented Pierce’s leadership throughout his brief tenure as head coach, and the Raiders greatly attribute Pierce’s turnaround after Josh McDaniels was fired in the middle of the previous campaign. The phrase “dream world” is also rather strong coming from Daniels’ camp.

To trade up far enough to grab Daniels would require a lot of work, but that is the cost of operating in the NFL Draft. If they were to have any chance of winning, they would need to jump Minnesota, Denver, and possibly even the Giants all the way at 6. In all likelihood, they would also need to figure out a way to engage Washington. It would be *the* move of the evening, but the Raiders have never backed down from a challenge like that.

You make a few extra calls when a franchise quarterback leaks that it would be a “dream” to play for you.

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