Breaking News: New York Yankees Confirm On A Verge Of Landing Recently Released Cubs Veteran

The Chicago Cubs designated Garrett Cooper for assignment on Tuesday, according to Robert Murray of FanSided, in a noteworthy roster move. In addition, the Cubs are giving Matt Mervis another chance to play in Major League Baseball, which could indicate a change in their lineup approach.

The 26-year-old Washington, D.C. native Matt Mervis is making his way back to the major leagues following his 27 games played for the Cubs in 2023, during which he finished with a batting line of.167/.242/.289.

Mervis has demonstrated a great deal of promise during his minor league career, despite his difficulties during his first stint, indicating that he may soon be able to adjust and succeed in the majors.

MLB RUMORS & NEWS: Updates on the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, and Garrett Cooper

This action gives Cooper new opportunities. The 33-year-old, who made his Major League Baseball debut in 2017, has had a successful career thus far. He recently finished the year with a career-high 17 home runs.
Cooper is now perhaps available to join a competitive team. Cooper started the current season with a.270 batting average and a.432 slugging percentage during 37 at-bats for the Cubs.

Cooper might be a good fit for the New York Yankees, especially considering their current roster needs. Cooper, who first made his major league debut with the Yankees, might be a valuable addition to the team, especially with Anthony Rizzo the only other healthy first baseman. Cooper made an impression in his brief first stay in New York, batting.326 in 43 at-bats.

MLB RUMORS & NEWS: Updates on the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, and Garrett Cooper

Many were taken aback by Cooper’s selection, especially considering Mervis’s prior success this season. This shows how highly the Cubs regard Mervis’ ability and potential going forward.

Acquiring a player like Cooper might improve the Yankees’ lineup and depth as they get ready for a postseason push, especially since they are leading the American League East and looking forward to the postseason.

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