Sad News: Just In Another Philadelphia’s 76er Star Confirm In Involved In Car Crash Driving Home

Kelly Oubre Jr. of the 76ers was engaged in a car accident while returning home following Philadelphia’s thrilling Game 2 loss to New York on Monday. The incident occurred just hours after the game.

Police and NBC Sports Philadelphia claim that Oubre struck a 2023 Hyundai Elantra after running a red light while operating a 2021 Lamborghini. The 76ers verified Oubre was unharmed, and police stated that no one was hurt despite the fact that both automobiles were taken from the site.



Oubre participated in 38 minutes of Thursday night’s Philadelphia vs. New York Game 3 match.

Oubre posed for images with his purple Lamborghini at an Intersection magazine photo shoot, if you’re interested in seeing them.

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