Official Yankees News: Just In New York Yankees Confirm The Release Of Another Top Experienced Star

The New York Yankees encountered a tough match against the Boston Red Sox, suffering an 8–4 defeat largely attributed to pitching struggles. Starting pitcher Carlos Rodon endured a challenging outing, conceding five earned runs on seven hits across five innings, while the bullpen added two more earned runs over three innings.

Assessing DJ LeMahieu’s Role With the Yankees

Amid these difficulties, the offense missed crucial chances, failing to score despite loading the bases twice. DJ LeMahieu, now playing full-time at third base due to a right foot injury, managed to contribute three RBIs with a fortunate single to center field that came more from luck than skill.

Approaching the trade deadline, the Yankees may need to reassess LeMahieu’s position on the team. Despite his past contributions, his performance has shown a decline. In 2023, he posted a .243/.327/.390 batting line with 15 home runs and 44 RBIs, coupled with a concerning 22.2% strikeout rate and 10.7% walk rate.


This season, LeMahieu’s numbers have continued to slide. Through the first 14 games and 54 plate appearances, he has only hit .196 with an on-base percentage of .302 and no extra-base hits.

Particularly worrying are LeMahieu’s slugging metrics this year. He holds a career-low 37.1% hard-hit rate and an average exit velocity of 87.6 mph, well below his career averages. Known for his contact-driven approach, he has struggled with ground balls, registering a 64.7% ground ball rate, the highest since his rookie year.

Despite his offensive struggles, LeMahieu remains a reliable defensive asset, maintaining a flawless fielding percentage over 96.2 innings and demonstrating versatility by playing multiple infield positions. However, for a team aiming for a World Series title, his current offensive production may not meet expectations. The Yankees may need to seek a more potent hitter to fill the third base position, ensuring every spot in the lineup contributes effectively to their championship ambitions.

General Manager Brian Cashman faces a pivotal decision approaching the deadline. With the team poised for contention, maximizing every roster spot becomes crucial. While LeMahieu offers defensive stability and versatility, his future role might be better suited as a reserve, allowing the Yankees to acquire a starting player who can provide the necessary offensive output to complement their strong pitching and defense.

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