Breaking News: Raiders Starter And Former 2nd-Round Pick Listed as Trade Candidate

When the Las Vegas Raiders selected tight end Brock Bowers with the 13th overall choice in the 2024 NFL Draft, it came as a surprise. The fact that the team selected tight end Michael Mayer with a second-round choice in the previous draft year contributed to the surprise.

Although it looks like Bowers and Mayer will be used on offense, there’s no assurance that this will work. According to Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox, Mayer is one of the Raiders’ primary trade targets.
In a column published on July 1, Knox stated, “Trading tight end Michael Mayer just one year after using a second-round pick to select him wouldn’t make much sense.” But the Raiders just selected Georgia tight end Brock Bowers with the 13th overall selection; Bowers is the second-ranked prospect overall on the Bleacher Report Scouting Department’s final draft board.
“There is a world in which Luke Getsy, the new offensive coordinator, wants to make the most of both tight ends in his offense.”


Knox added that it would be simpler to move Mayer because the Raiders signed Harrison Bryant as a free agent.

Harrison Bryant is another competent receiving tight end for Las Vegas, and Mayer’s draft background may draw a lot of attention in trades, according to Knox.
Michael Mayer to Be Traded by the Las Vegas Raiders?

It is doubtful that Mayer will be traded very soon. The idea of having two outstanding tight ends intrigues the Raiders. That does not imply that it will never occur, though.

It’s conceivable that once the season gets underway, offensive coordinator Luke Getsy finds it challenging to engage both Mayer and Bowers. The latter might still be worth a little in the market. Just a year ago, he was selected early in the second round and had a promising rookie performance.
The issue he faces is that Bowers was the superior talent coming out and is obviously more skilled. He will be given preference by the Raiders. If they are unable to give Mayer a substantial role, it could be wiser to trade him while he is still valuable.
Brock Bowers is expected to be on an all-rookie squad.

This season, Bowers has generated a lot of anticipation. It is anticipated that the two-time John Mackey Award winner will have an immediate effect at the NFL level. According to’s Chad Reuter, Bowers will be included on the All-Rookie team this year.

In a commentary published on June 25, Reuter stated, “The Raiders should lean on two tight end sets much more often this year, with Bowers lined up at H-back, on the line, or in the slot while 2023 second-round pick Michael Mayer plays the more typical off-tackle spot.” With his strength, agility, and strong hands, Bowers will pose a matchup challenge for most linebackers and safeties, providing Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers with a foil to stretch defenses both vertically and horizontally. Bowers should be respected for his outside run blocking, even though it’s not his best attribute.
It has always been challenging for college athletes to adjust to tight end as rookies in the NFL. Although it’s feasible that Bowers won’t have the impact that many anticipate from him, in 2024 he ought to be a vital member of the Raiders.


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