Latest News: Just In Miami Dolphins In Talk To Re-sign Another Top Talented Star

Jaylen Waddle was paid a large sum of money by the Miami Dolphins.

Given that the Dolphins feature one of the top wide receiver tandems in the league, he has earned it.
Tyreek Hill should also receive fair market value as a result.

When Hill was acquired by the Dolphins, they immediately made him the highest-paid wide receiver in the whole league.

Because of this, some anticipate that they will eventually restructure Hill’s contract and take the same action.

According to Craig Carton, Mike McDaniel’s squad should have no trouble making that choice.
He stated that re-signing Tua Tagovailoa is impossible without also re-signing Hill in the most recent episode of The Carton Show.

Even though Tua was invaluable to them during the previous season, Carton said you can’t afford to have him out there without his safety net.

That makes sense, of course.

The next guy in line for a huge salary is Tua, but he also wants to make sure his best offensive player is playing and content.

Hill has expressed his wish to end his career with the Dolphins, and he has only been happy since moving to South Beach.

However, he’s also a little bit of a character, and he’s never hidden the fact that he only has money in mind, which is OK.
The Dolphins must tread gingerly in this circumstance, but they also need to go all in with Tua’s biggest weapon if they think he’s their quarterback going forward.


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