Breaking News: Knicks Announce History-Making $9 Million Contract With Top Talented Star

Pacome Dadiet, a guard, was selected by the New York Knicks with the 25th overall choice in the 2024 NBA Draft. However, they doubled down on their backcourt by picking Tyler Kolek, a guard from Marquette, with the No. 34 pick. Kolek agreed to a $9 million, four-year contract.

On July 5, the Knicks announced that the former Golden Eagle had accepted a rookie deal, citing Kolek’s 99 starts in his past three seasons.

Before he ever touched the court as a four-year college student, Kolek set an NBA record.
On July 5, SportsNet New York’s Ian Begley reported on X that the Knicks’ contract with rookie Tyler Kolek established an NBA record with the most guaranteed money ($6.6M) for a second-round choice. Andrew Nembhard’s $6.4M set the previous record. The highest price a team may pay a second round pick under the second round exception is Kolek’s Knicks contract.
In assessing Kolek, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer stated, “Shades of Jalen Brunson, Goran Dragic.” “A pure facilitator who elevates his teammates and has explosive scoring ability.”
Kolek was ranked No. 25 in the class by O’Connor, three positions ahead of Dadiet.

Nevertheless, there is hope that Kolek’s acquisition this summer will result in early playing time the following season.

Insider: Tyler Kolek leads the Knicks.
Begley stated on “SportsNite” on July 5 that “I know that several people in the organization, coaching staff really liked Kolek a lot of the year and going into the draft.” They felt lucky to have acquired this player, I believe. They obviously appreciated him because they traded up to obtain him.

“You can infer a lot about the Knicks’ feelings for Kolek from the money. He could be able to contend for rotation minutes in this camp rather than starting minutes, in my opinion. They have great expectations for him, and since he is older, he might make it into the starting lineup if he performs well throughout camp and the preseason.
During the previous season, Kolek averaged 15.3 points, 7.7 assists, and 4.9 rebounds. In a regression from his 2022–23 campaign, when he shot 39.8% from beyond the arc, he also made 38.8% from beyond the arc.
Last season, the Knicks had a lot of success with the pick-and-roll.

“Keep an Eye Out for Me,” Tyler Kolek

In a recent interview, Kolek praised his work ethic and said that he has always had a grinder’s mentality. He is also an outwardly aggressive rival. He stated he usually jokes about with opponents in a pleasant manner, but he really enjoys interacting with supporters.

On the June 13 episode of the “Game Theory Podcast,” Kolek stated, “It’s just kind of that chip on my shoulder that I’ve always had.” “All of these people are just staring at me as I get on the ground, not really thinking anything of it or considering that.” However, that’s simply how I have to be. To be a 6-foot-2 undersized, unathletic point guard at the top level, I have to be like that. You need to play with some abandon and put some items behind you.
Kolek’s self-evaluation is comparable to Brunson’s September 2016 DraftExpress pre-draft rating. However, the child is prepared to establish himself.
“I just want people to be aware of my safety.” I’ll be there. That is all there is to it.






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