Premier League confirm major broadcast deal changes that will impact Nottingham Forest

In the latest Nottingham Forest updates, the Premier League has unveiled modifications to their broadcast agreement that will have an impact on the team. Under the new Premier League broadcast deal, Nottingham Forest will have increased television exposure.

The league is planning to make approximately 270 matches available for live broadcast during the upcoming domestic television cycle, which is expected to become the most lucrative rights sale in football history. This represents a significant increase from the current cycle, which includes 200 matches distributed across seven packages. The Premier League is aiming to offer more matches in just five packages in the upcoming sale. Additionally, the league is departing from tradition by seeking a four-year deal spanning from 2025-26 to 2028-29, in contrast to the usual three-year deals.

In the recent Invitation To Tender (ITT) released by the league, it was confirmed that the 3 pm Saturday afternoon blackout will remain in effect. However, all 2 pm Sunday kick-off matches, including those rescheduled due to clubs’ involvement in European competitions, will now be televised. The package will also include five midweek rounds, an increase from the current four, which includes the Boxing Day round. The league’s existing time slots, such as Saturday 12.30 pm and 5.30 pm, Sunday 2 pm and 4.30 pm, and the 8 pm Monday or Friday slot, will remain unchanged.

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The ITT specifies that a minimum of two broadcasters will hold the live rights. This marks the first time the Premier League has gone through a tender process for its rights since 2016. The current deal, which extends until the 2024-25 season, was essentially a rollover of the previous one, granted by the government due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of now, Sky owns four packages (equating to 128 matches per season), TNT has two packages (52 matches), and Amazon possesses one (20 matches). The reduction in the number of packages is expected to intensify competition, with streaming platform DAZN reportedly expressing interest in entering the market. An independent monitoring trustee will oversee the tender process.

The Premier League has indicated that each package will include somewhere between approximately 42 and 65 games. The current deal is estimated to be valued at £4.8 billion for the league and its clubs throughout the three-year cycle.

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